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solar lights in usa
solar lights in usa

Solar power systems

How a solar power system works

More and more people from all over the world have started to realize the enormous benefits that a free solar energy can bring to their lives. Solar energy is available as long as the sun is in existence and we trap this energy from the sun using solar panels and inturn produce electricity that will be able to light up the entire house.

solar lights in usaBasically, the amount of electricity that will be generated will depend on the number and wattage of the solar panels aw well as the amount of sunlight that falls on the solar panel. Nowadays, we find the state governments and the federal departments also providing tax rebates and incentives to homeowners who install solar power systems in their homes. If the solar power system installed in a house is producing more power than it actually requires, the excess solar power can be sold to the electricity company. 

Nowadays, we find markets being flooded with solar power systems ranging from the basic model to the high end models that can be used to light up a medium sized office space or a huge mansion. The solar power system basically comprises of solar panels, a charging controller, battery pack and an inverter. These are the four primary components that are required to produce electricity using solar energy or power and can provide the common 120 volt AC power for daily use. The sunlight that is given out from the sun is collected by the solar cells that are placed together to form the solar panels. The sizes of the solar panels vary depending upon the amount of electricity that is needed to light up the home. A combination of the solar panels forms the solar array.

The solar panels then charges the battery that is connected to it and the charging regulator ensures that proper charging of the battery takes place as per the desired level. The DC voltage that is generated from the battery is then passed on to the inverter, wherein this DC voltage is converted into normal AC voltage.  In some places, the voltage of 240 AC volts is needed and this is achieved by either adding a transformer or connecting two identical inverters in a serial connection method to produce the required 240 V AC power. The charger controller is provided to basically monitor the state of charge of the battery and it will ensure that current will be supplied to charge the battery whenever needed and that the battery is not over charged. The batteries used are designed in such a way that it can withstand the discharge and charge cycles for about thousand times.

An inverter is the most important device in the solar power system as it is the one that converts the DC power stored in  the battery to  the standard 120/240 V AC power that will run all  the electrical appliances inside the home. These are the devises that are present in  the solar power systems that will convert the renewable, cleaner and greener solar energy from  the sun to electrical energy that will power the electrical appliances. Even though the procedure of the above conversion is simple, the cost that is involved in purchasing these devices and its installation is very much on the higher side. It will leave the homeowner to have some sleepless nights but with the tax rebates and incentives from the government and the fact that the homeowner is paying a lifetime electricity bill in advance, will prompt the homeowner to invest in the solar power systems.

A solar power system requires a large area of the roof wherein the solar panels have to be placed. Also the positioning of the solar panels must be in such a way that they receive the maximum sunlight during the day or must atleast receive about six hours of direct sunlight in order to provide the sufficient amount of electricity to  run the appliances.  Solar cells will work to its maximum when it comes in contact with direct sunlight. It is always best to hire a professional or an experienced person to install the solar power systems, even though there are a lot of do it yourself kits that are available in the market these days. The main reason that one has to hire a professional for installing the solar power system is the inclination of the roof seen in most homes as well as the wiring complications that may occur if not done properly. 

The advantages of installing solar power systems are as follows:

Free electricity for the rest of the life is the most important advantage of installing solar power systems in homes. It will not be affected by the soaring oil and fuel prices as the energy that is needed to drive these systems is solar energy which is freely available.

Also using solar powered systems will not pollute the surroundings as solar energy is clean, sustainable and more importantly renewable which is not the case while using coal, oil and natural gas.


Solar power for homes----
Comparison study with other power sources

solar lights in usaSolar energy is the cleaner and greener renewable source of energy that the nature can provide us with. The importance of solar power and the fact that it is a non pollutant has made people consider solar energy as the most important renewable energy source and hence more and more people are reaping the benefits of brining in solar energy to their lives and to their day to day activities.

In fact, solar energy is considered to be more useful than the other renewable sources of energy like the wind energy. The federal government and the state governments have also started promoting of solar energy by giving a lot of incentives to people who use and wish to use solar powers for their homes and offices.

The comparison of solar energy is done against the electricity, generator system and the oil. More people are interested in knowing the benefits of the solar energy over electricity in order to fully understand and take a final decision before installing the solar power systems in their homes replacing the electricity. The first and the foremost point to be noted is that the energetic potential of solar power is great and there are several priorities of transformation of solar energy to other kinds of energy and the usage of solar energy.

The important transformation of the solar energy is into electricity which is the major concern among many homeowners, who feel that, the rise in their electricity bills are being sky rocketing year after year. Here, the process is simple wherein solar panels placed on the roof tops of the homes collect the sun rays and then converts this into electric energy which is collected in the battery attached to the panel through the wires. This battery will then pass on the collected DC current to the inverter which converts the DC power into AC power that will light up the electrical appliances in homes. The electric energy produced this way can be increased by increasing the number of solar panels and it also possible to activate all the electric appliances in a house using solar energy and its systems. The initial cost of the solar power systems and its installation is slightly on the expensive side and this is what is putting people in double minds whether to go for the solar power systems or be satisfied with the present electricity that is supplied by the state governments.

To ease the people over the financial burden of installing new solar power systems, the federal government as well as the state government is now providing tax rebates and incentives to people ready to go for solar power in their homes. The governments are now well aware of the numerous benefits of the solar energy that they even are willing to pay to the homeowners who are ready to supply them with the excess solar energy that is generated in their homes. With these rebates and incentives, the government has also advised the mortgagers to issue loans to people wishing to install the solar power systems in their homes. So, the cost of installing a solar power system has now considerably reduced and every homeowner installing the system can be assured that he will not be required to anymore pay the huge electricity bills as long as the sun shines over his home. So, in the long run one can see a huge savings on the electricity bills.

The transformation of solar energy into electrical energy is also totally free of air pollution as well as the system will be silent and hence there will be noise pollution either. The other methods of production of electrical energy has high pollution factor like burning up of fuel. The use of solar power will provide substantial reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels and gases and hence the environment will be protected from polluting. But for all this to happen, a sunny weather is most essential and as long as sun is there it will not be a difficult task to generate solar energy. The main advantage that solar energy has over the other energy forms is that its primary source is sun, and that it is freely available.