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led solar lights
led solar lights

Solar lighting system

Solar Home Lighting System is a restructure lighting product developing for use where the grid electricity is in available or in reliable. Using the highest quality and most efficient solar lighting components, each Light provides exceptional brightness (equivalent to a 40W incandescent lights) for at least 6-9 hours per day charged by sunlight.

This device is pretty much easy to install and is flexible enough to be installed and uninstall when you ever needed. Solar lighting systems portable because you can bring it any location, in case you transfer to another offices, you can bring it with you. LED Solar Lights is super energy solar lighting system which is well-organized so that batteries can last longer depending on its usage and this can be done by using effective LED solar lights. LED solar lights are the best and prominent method for using the LED. The significant benefits of using LED solar lights are that you will never require changing the lightning bulbs and your solar lights will last for many years. LED solar lights consume little power. LED solar lights can stay irradiated overnight with the help of a small battery pre-installed inside solar lighting system. This LED solar lights requires low maintenance and it is easy to install. Many customer select LED solar lights because they do not want to lease an electrician to hard wire lighting at their home or business.

Solar Lighting System Specification
Model Solar Panel SLA Battery LED Lamp Lighting Time
Watts Ah Qty pcs Watts Hours
FH-SL-5A 5W 12V 5Ah 2 2W 12~13
FH-SL-10A 10W 12V 7Ah 3 2W 12~13
FH-SL-5 5W 12V 4Ah 2 3W 6~7
FH-SL-8L 8W 4.4Ah(Lithium) 4 3W 6~8
FH-SL-10 10W 12V 7Ah 4 3W 6~7
FH-SL-20 20W 12V 12Ah 4 3W 10~12
FH-SL-40 40W 12V 26Ah 6 3W 12~13
FH-SL-40LT 40W 12V 26Ah 4 6W LED TUBE 9~10
Using super efficient LED solar lights that are over 10 times more efficient than Incandescent solar lighting systems and almost 2 times better than Electric lamps. Solar lighting Life is more than 40 times Incandescent electric lighting system. Solar lighting systems seizure lights from the sun and demeanor it near a area using optical fibers. Solar lighting system is obtained by solar power which is the alteration of sunlight into electricity, either directly using PV, or indirectly using CSP.
Solar Lighting System Features
  1. Low energy dissipation
  2. Low cost with high quality
  3. LED exceptional brightness
  4. AnyTime & AnyWhere Lighting
  5. Energy saving & Environment friendly
Solar Lighting System Applications
  1. Home lighting
  2. Emergency lighting
  3. Desert area, grassland area
  4. Remote hilly and mountainous locations
  5. Village, country area and islands