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solar lighting in africa
solar lighting in africa


F&H LED Lantern is incredibly light and offers a combination of features that backpackers and trekkers have previously only dreamt about.

Can be hung, sideways‚ desk light, incredibly bright portable, overhead lighting. Incredibly far spotlight 300 meter, let you see far enough in night and scare animals back greatly. Also S.O.S function for help. solar lighting in africa



• 8W solar panel with 6m cable

• Inside Lithium battery 3.7V 11,000mAh.

• Can be charged by AC charger( not include) , by computer with USB cable, by solar panel.

• With mobile phone charger adapter to charge mobile.

• Diffuse light: Three brightness setting: 24 hours run time on low at 160 lumens output; 12 hours run time on middle at 320 lumens output; 9 hours run time on high at 480 lumens output.

• Spotlight Distance 300 meter Three setting: 16 hours run time on high at 240 lumens, 64 hours run time on low at 60 lumens, flash exposure 3w.